We carry New England Wood Pellets.  The pellets are produced in Jaffrey, NH.  They are a premium grade wood pellet.  Most people prefer New England Pellets because they are clean, they burn longer, and they are consistent. It is rare to find a product in today's world that can deliver consistently the quality that is required to last the test of time. New England Pellet has past the test.

With Pellet Fuel, only two things matter:  MORE HEAT....LESS ASH

(the rest is just noise)

  • New England Wood Pellets
  • New England Wood Pellets
    New England Wood Pellets
    New England Wood Pellet

    New England Wood Pellets are a quality renewable energy source that is clean, consistent, and efficient. Clean Burning Pellet fuel has been proven to provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel. High Heat With substantially higher BTU value per cubic foot, pellets produce more heat. Low Ash A 40-pound bag of New England Wood pellets produces only 3 ounces of ash. Efficient Pellets are more efficient than cordwood due to their vastly lower moisture content.


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